In addition to the sermons and presentations during our Sunday Services, we offer the resources listed below spiritual growth.

Lifelong Learning

For Unitarian Universalists, spiritual growth includes all of the ways that people of all ages grow as compassionate, ethical and fulfilled human beings. Spirituality comes from cultivating awareness, and paying attention to beauty, hospitality, gratitude, forgiveness, reverence, wonder, and mystery, and many other things that provide meaning.

Programs for Spiritual Growth

Adult Religious Exploration

We regularly find inspiration from many different religions and spiritual practices, including reason and scientific understanding, embracing the six sources of our living tradition. Examples of our adult Religious Exploration discussion courses include “Active Hope,” “Building Your Own Theology,” “Choices for Sustainable Living,” “The Four Agreements,” and “Hindsight, Humor, and Hope.”

Classes & Discussions

Create Meaning – a Center for Spiritual Renewal

Sorry, we currently do not have a children’s religious education program.